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Our Story

It’s a pretty cool story. In 2005 Hilary Brown opened Local Burger in Lawrence, Kansas. Hilary contacted Carreen and Shawn Blankenship owners of Olivia’s Oven in Kansas City to order their gluten free buns for Local Burger. Customers loved the gluten free buns.

Fast forward to 2019….Hilary and her new partners, Jeremy Rodrock, Amelia Rodrock, Casey Baker and Rachel Baker purchased Olivia’s Oven from Carreen and Shawn. Hilary has a passion for and experience creating allergen free foods and businesses. The Rodrocks’ and the Bakers’ have chiropractic practices in Kansas City, Baldwin City and Lawrence and are passionate about health supportive anti-inflammatory foods.

We simplified the name to OO’s because the OO’s reminded us of baked goods shape (think pizza crusts, hamburger buns, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, naan etc) and it pays homage to the beginnings…albeit abbreviated. Double OO Bakes also reminds us of Double O Seven…wanting to be the Double OO for gluten free baked goods…..exciting, delicious, and easy.

We hope to make it easy for people with gluten sensitivities, auto-immune diseases, autism and people choosing to limit or eliminate gluten to go to their favorite pizza or burger joint relax and feel good after they eat.